Republicans are determined to make Bill Barr’s dream of an imperial presidency a reality


Torture Is the Central Issue in the Guantanamo Trials


John Hickenlooper, Establishment Pick for Colorado Senate Seat, Has an Increasingly Stale Record


Samsung predicts earnings improvement after sluggish

SEOUL: Samsung Electronics said Thursday its operating profit for the last quarter fell 33.7 percent from a year earlier but it predicted earnings will improve in 2020, driven by a gradually stabilizing computer chip market and increasing 5G smartphone sales.

The South Korean tech giant reported an operating profit of 7.16

"Looking ahead to 2020, Samsung expects improvements in overall business performance but also sees continued uncertainties in the global business environment,"


New Herbicide Provides Exceptional Grass and Broadleaf Weed Control

ST. LOUIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan 30, 2020--

Luxxur TM herbicide from Bayer is now available to cereals growers in Colorado, Idaho, Minnesota, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, and Wyoming for the 2020 growing season. Classified as a Group 2 herbicide, Luxxur herbicide is formulated with a precise

"Luxxur herbicide provides exceptional control of Group 1 resistant grasses, such as green foxtails, yellow foxtails and wild oats,"


Burundi court sentences 4 private journalists to prison

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — A court in Burundi on Thursday sentenced four journalists to two and a half years in prison after they were convicted on charges of trying to undermine state security.

One of their lawyers, Martin Ndayisaba, told journalists they will appeal the decision of the court in Bubanza Province. They have

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